Urban VOICES 2023

Take part in a unique vocal adventure

Each spring since 2011, Urban Voices, directed by Karim Ammour and spearheaded by CitéMonde association, brings together a thousand amateur singers with professional musicians for an original creation.

In 2022, Karim Ammour, produces the original work « D’où que tu viennes », whose lyrics are written in French and Arabic by the Algerian poet « Samira Negrouche » and composed by a collective of international artists.

This year, we are resuming and perfecting the show « D’où que tu viennese ». And for the first time, it is under Mehdi Nassouli’s artistic direction (master and representative of Gnawa internationally) that Urban Voices will perform. Also, for the first time, is the exceptional participation of Marmoucha Orchestra from Amsterdam and their artistic director Pianist & composer Avishai Darash.

We will close the season with 2 shows on the fabulous stage of the Cité des Congrès on the first and second of July 2023.

Urban Voices has already toured different parts of the world (La Havana in 2018, Seville in 2019 and Agadir in 2022) and wishes to build an international choir which will bring together, around the same repertoire, a unique international community of amateur singers!

Our concept of residency and the creation of a choir around our show will now travel the world. Cities in Europe, Maghreb and South-East Asia, among others, are ready to welcome this « made in Nantes » concept.

The CitéMonde association, which carries out this project, is approved by the City of Nantes and the French Ministry of Culture.




The artistic team

Mehdi Nassouli

Artistic director

A gifted musician, Mehdi Nassouli is considered to be the next generation in the Gnawa tradition in Morocco. He proudly carries his Amazigh, Gnawa, Arab and African roots. Born in Taroudant, Mehdi passed through the school of « Deqqa », Roudanese folk art and then trained with the greatest Gnaoua Maâlems. 

Karim Ammour

Urban Voices founder

Karim Ammour works around voice and oral transmission. At the artistic direction of Urban Voices, Karim has trained more than 10,000 amateur choristers since 2011. Concert performer in world music (Jazz, chanson, Bossa-nova, Rumba etc…).

Marmoucha Orchestra


The Marmoucha Orchestra consists of inspired musicians with a passion for music and the diversity in musical languages, styles and traditions of North Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. The Marmoucha Orchestra performs in all Marmoucha productions and brings musicians, artists and audiences together and bridges the gap between Eastern and Western music. It is the meeting place for anyone with an interest in Arab culture and world music.

Avishai Darash

Artistic Director Marmoucha Orchestra, composer & pianist

Avishai Darash is an Amsterdam-based pianist and composer whose style is derived from North African traditional music, western classical music, American jazz and Israeli folk, amongst others. Beside his various musical projects, he teaches and coaches young musicians on their way of mastering the piano and the music business.

Sarah et Juliette Ammour

Voice and percussion

Singers and percussionists. Experts in chants of the Afro-Cuban liturgy and percussion. Between Nantes and Havana with Mario Jauregui Aspirina and Martha Galarraga (vocals). They also perform artistic performances mixing electronic sounds, theater and dance.

Tayeb Laoufi

Voice, Oud et Mandola

Tayeb Laoufi is a Mandola and Oud player, Tayeb is one of the creators of the musical group Gâada Diwane Bechar which has made and continues to make lovers of Saharan music and gnawi dream.

Samira Negrouche


Born in Algiers where she lives, Samira Negrouche is a poet, author and translator. A doctor by training, she devoted herself to writing. Sensitive to borders, both physical and linguistic or symbolic, she is particularly fond of interdisciplinary creations. This has resulted in artist books, with Marc Giai-Miniet and Ali Silem among other collaborations, and shows such as Quai 2I1 created in 2018 with musicians Marianne Piketty and Bruno Helstoffer and Traces created in 2019 with choreographer Fatou Cissé.

Meet the team


Production manager





Claire Vanelslandt





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